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This feels like a throwback and a homage to when sci-fi battles were more of thing in animation and anime back in the 80's. Design of some of the characters including the captain of the smaller ship are quite good.

Good god what a awesome collab this was, plenty of quality animators within the ranks of this project, congrats to all of you!

Smooth animation, should some audio be added? Possibly, I feel an opportunity was missed in this with that.

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The starting music is nice, but for five and a half minutes nothing else has shown on screen, so not sure what's going on.

NastyOldWizard responds:

what browser are you playing in?

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This music is seriously funky, great work!

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You should post this on the dragonball Reddit (or sub name dbz) it’s great stuff!

‘But he’s a genocidal tyrant!’

‘Maybe, but unlike you he remembers my birthday!’

Unless racing games are no longer a money making genre than I don't know why F-Zero won't make a return, it has a neat setting and some good vehicle designs.

Not to be sidetracked though of a new game for Metroid, the adventure continues!!

And of course on the page, the colouring is good and some attention to the background in the last frame.

ClmPaper responds:

F-zero will return, it's just that nobody knows when. I think I read somewhere that Miyamoto is unsure where to head next with the games; Though I think most F-zero fans will be happy with a racing game that contains the usual ingredients: A fast to boot racing game, tracks accompanied with great music (really any style would work) and of course what's going to be challenging to create: 40 player online races!

Graphically F-zero stands out in my mind, but if you look at GX the backgrounds are actually hilariously simple! Smooth gameplay tho, fast and crisp controls. But yeah, I have no doubt it'll return. At worst as a remake.

Metroid finally got a new release coming soon! It's basically the same team that made Samus Returns, so its going to be a solid 7/10 game for sure. Very excited to see where its headed next after 19 years!

And thanks for the feedback

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